If you like romantic suspense infused with Gothic themes, you’ve come to the right place.

Gothics were the first romantic suspense novels and are a wonderful vehicle for stories where things long past impinge on the living.  Ancient buildings, half-remembered legends, and secrets. Lots of secrets.

I now have two books out in my  ‘Echoes of the Cathars’ series and am working on the third, and on a prequel novella I aim to have out for Christmas.  The books are set between 1999 and the current day, in the south-west of France.THORO 3D

The House on Rue Obscure is Chantal’s story, set in 1999 in Cordes-sur-Ciel, a town built as a refuge for Cathars fleeing the ferocity of the Albigensian Crusade. Those desperate people brought secrets with them, secrets protected for centuries within the town’s massive walls.

3D MOCK UP Lascote Legacy sm

The Lascote Legacy features Chantal’s twin sister, Lotty, and takes place five years later in the wild country of the Montagne Noire.  It’s an area that saw bloodshed and atrocities during the Crusade against the Cathars – atrocities whose shadows might reach as far as the present.

The third novel will be about little Louise, the blind child in the first novel, once she’s grown up.

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